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Architecture NZ said it was our turn to try to explain why and how we do architecture.  We wrote ‘Chisel of the Mind’ which is a line from James K Baxter’s poem “New Zealand”. 

Architecture Workshop’s article references Wayne Barrars photo ‘Gorge on the Moawhango tunnel structures’.  Barrar’s camera leads him to the landscapes we create when we harness the earth to drive our demanding lives. 

In setting out our three main design drivers we of course reference ‘Theatre Country’ by our historical ecology hero Geoff Park who writes;


‘ I have seen enough now to be in no doubt that Pakeha New Zealanders peering into the 21st Century have a history that requires them to re-imagine their community.  For each to re-think their responsibility to the other.  The key to re-imagining will be the landscape.  The landscape is the lens we have in common.  How can we learn to see? You see a landscape/ townscape differently when you have an insight into its history- it’s layers of history.’


You can read the whole article here: Awaiting the chisel of the mind

Architecture NZ (Sept/Oct 2020)

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