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"First THAB off the rank" - social equitable housing

Christopher Kelly's article “First THAB of the Ranks” written for Architecture NZ has been published in ArchitectureNow_December 2020Christopher reviews the socially equitable Jasmax-designed, 26 Aroha, Terrace Housing and Apartment Building (THAB) in Sandringham, Auckland and discovers the beginnings of "our own Aotearoan culture of living closer together".


"Imagine a future of aggregated THAB models that create mutually beneficial living environments. Canny owners could join together and yield common gardens and synergies with the city. We can’t rest on our laurels. The hard part is just beginning and this project is a fine start."


Link to read the full article: “First THAB of the Rank”

Image: Dennis Radermacher

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