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Peregrine Winery: A Regular on Global Amazing Winery Lists

It’s over 10 years since the Peregrine Winery in the Gibbston Valley in Otago won its global prize for best building by an emerging architect. The winery continues to attract valuable international attention by making it to 'amazing winery' lists.

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However Christopher Kelly, AW’s principle architect, thinks that the real success of the building is the way it integrates so completely with the Peregrine wine brand while at the same time enhancing our awareness of the strong Otago landscape. We'd love to design another one!

But in the end the building did not earn its award for careful organization of the production process (not unimportant). The huge calm gently curving silvery canopy floating over the massive base all set among the orderly vineyards, makes an irresistible and poetic vision of civilization and wild nature, and the jury was unanimously convinced by it.

Peter Davey, AR Editor, 2004 AR Emerging Architects Award

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