The Well Tempered City

Urbanism – ‘Joining the dots’

Christopher Kelly presented a case study at the Urbanism NZ Conference held in Wellington on 14/15 May 2018. 

The theme of the conference was ‘Joining the Dots’. In the words of the 2018 Urbanism NZ Advisory Committee, the conference is about conversations we are not having in New Zealand.  "Are our urban environments fit for purpose?  What are good urban environments for all people? What processes are required to deliver good places?"

The international guest speaker, Jonathan Rose  (President, Jonathan Rose Companies, USA), delivered an insightful presentation on his company's development of affordable, environmentally responsible communities.  Their mission is to improve a community's ability to enhance opportunity for all. “The potential for a child to excel, a family to thrive, and a senior to maintain well-being varies with the character of each community.”  

Christopher’s paper was on the Axis Small Home Test Lab – Hobsonville. These five affordable housing types mirrored many of Jonathan Roses goals.  With Axis, some of Architecture Workshops intent was  to connection of indoor and outdoor spaces and build a community while adding diversity and flexibility. 

Jonathan Roses book on how to create resilient cities, “The Well-tempered City”, is a recommended read for New Zealand architects, planners and decision makers as increased densification of our urban space is required for our future quality of life.

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