190705 Lindis Elevation

Viridian - WGANZ Award

Congratulations from AW to Viridian (with Millers design) for receiving the 2019 Supreme Award at the recent WGANZ (Window and Glass Association of NZ) Awards for The Lindis.

Judges Citation:

"... an outstanding piece of architecture set in magnificent surroundings.  The architects have established a relationship between the building and its context by engaging with its form and placement in a profound and sympathetic but never hesitant manner.  By doing this they have created a distinctive, memorable and finely crafted environment.

The contribution made to the project by the glazing is to open the building to the landscape and, by finishing the main glazed wall close to the sweeping roofline, to link the interior to the outside and to emphasis the fluid form of the building.  this is a piece of architecture which not only effortlessly compliments its setting but, by the nature of the connections it makes, actually enhances it."

 The Lindis external glazing is Double Glazed Insulated Glass units featuring high performance low-E Lightbridge glass and clear glass.

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