190723 Architecture NZ Coverpage Lindis

Wilderness .... Lindis Lodge

The Lindis Lodge is architecture "inspired by the grandeur of the landscape and the weaving, folded moraine topography of the Ahuriri Valley".


Architecture NZ magazine editor, Chris Barton, visited Lindis Lodge to capture the essence of the lodge and place.


"Christopher Kelly has taken an if-you-can’t-beat-it-join-it approach to the imposing majesty of the setting, making the building part of the topography, fusing the built form with its environment. In the process, he’s created a building that’s both camouflaged and assertive, assimilated like a new fold in the moraine into its giant natural surroundings, yet, undoubtedly architecture, in contrast small but defiantly standing staunch to be admired." 

ref: Architecture NZ (P64-72 ed May/June 2019) 


The full article is available on-line here: Architecture Now





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